Baza Fault (Cañada Gallego)

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Baza Fault (Cañada Gallego)

In the Cañada Gallego you will find one of the best outcrops of the active fault of Baza, whose surface trace has a length close to 37 km.

In this ravine the fault puts in contact detritic sediments of alternating red tones with “lake beack” facies in the wall block (western block) with carbonated lacustrine sediments of the roof block (eastern block), with estimated age differences of over a million years.



Location info

  • Municipio: Baza
  • Comarca: Baza
  • Superficie: 25 ha
  • Periodo: Neo-Quaternary (Plio-Pleistocene; 4,5-0,8 Ma)
Coordinates: 37.587721, -2.789000
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