Badlands of Marchal (piping)

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Badlands of Marchal (piping)

The hillside discovered by the Alhama river inlet, located behind the village of Marchal, represents a typical landscape of badlands in the surroundings of the Guadix and Baza basins.

The gullies have been formed in easily erodible materials due to the erosive action of the runoff water that is concentrated during rainy periods. The process replay allows the dismantling of the slopes at the same time as the retreat of the cliff. This, sometimes, allows the development of very spectacular piping fronts.


Location info

  • Municipio: Marchal
  • Superficie: 35 ha
  • Periodo: Quaternary (middle Pleistocene – actually)
Coordinates: 37.492885, -3.046238
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