Badlands of Gorafe (Graben) (Gorafe)

carcavas gorafe - Badlands of Gorafe (Graben) (Gorafe) - Geoparque de Granada
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Badlands of Gorafe (Graben) (Gorafe)

Spectacular and extensive landscape in badlands developed in clayey and sandy soils, of reddish and pinkish tones, of the upper Turoliense and the Pliocen of the Guadix Basin.

These are continental alluvial units with a high erosion rate in a semi-desert climate, which has shaped this extensive landscape formed by thousands of gullies. In the area, studies have been done on fossil micromammals of the Pliocene.


Location info

  • Municipio: Gorafe
  • Superficie: 12290 ha
  • Periodo: Quaternary (middle Pleistocene – actually)
Coordinates: 37.492885, -3.046238
carcavas gorafe 1 800x400 - Badlands of Gorafe (Graben) (Gorafe) - Geoparque de Granada